Sign, Mark, Scribe

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Artists live and work in areas where they can find space, light, materials and one another.  Greenpoint Williamsburg in the 1990s was one of the shore areas that attracted artists.  Art scenes in DUMBO, Red Hook, Gowanus, and over the border in Long Island City were connected to one another and Greenpoint Williamsburg by the wandering and social connections of artists living on the Brooklyn waterfront.The presence of the artist’s work shop is usually concealed from the street.  Visual artists reveal their presence when they sign their buildings with colors, tags and production related materials and trash.  Artists see living, work and storage space not just as a container, but as a

 playground for the material realization of their ideas. 

Chained sculpture, Garage Door, Williamsburg Brooklyn 1999.

El Puente anti smoking mural, Williamsburg Brooklyn 1999.

Mel’s Old Studio in 1998 in Greenpoint (moved from Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg for more space)

Building Rehab 1998

Gallery entrance with sculpture, Williamsburg 1999

Graffiti showing anvil dropping on WTC

New glass furnace and kiln, Williamsburg 2002